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Careers after bachelor's degree Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineer you are not only in demand in the electronics, communications and power engineering industries; electrical engineering plays a vital role in almost all technical products and services.

A Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering will open up a vast number of interesting career opportunities to you:

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Half our graduates found their first job within one month of graduating, and the majority found a job within three months.

An entry-level salary for engineers and architects is CHF 91,000. In different sectors this may vary, however, especially in the energy industry, where salaries are significantly higher. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science can also expect a higher entry-level salary. Once graduates have been working for several years, their average annual salary will be approximately CHF 117,000. (Source: Saläre für Ingenieure und Architekten – Sonderbeilage Swiss Engineering).