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The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) study programme forms an excellent basis for subsequent career steps. You will have expanded and deepened the theoretical foundation and also learned the basics of business administration. You will thus be qualified for careers in research and development divisions, production, logistics, consulting, and public institutions, and will be able to assume responsibility for managing interdisciplinary projects.

Your competitive advantages include the following:

  • As only the top third of each graduating class is admitted to the MSE, future employers will know that you are among the best of the good students. 
  • You will have acquired additional technical and business qualifications. You are able to deepen your specialised knowledge to match your personal interests. As well as having an extensive knowledge base, you will also have demonstrated perseverance and commitment.
  • Thanks to the practice-oriented approach of the Master's programme, you will gain experience in at least two, and often as many as three industrial projects. In the process, you will establish important contacts with leading companies and specialists from all over Switzerland. 
  • You will usually take on your first team management tasks as part of the Master thesis. This will give you the ability to successfully assume leadership roles in your subsequent professional life.
  • As part of your studies, you will apply state-of-the-art technologies to develop new solutions and learn how to put them into practice. This will also enable you to quickly understand new projects in your subsequent professional life and to become a key player for your employer within a very short time.

The Master's programme will provide you with in-depth knowledge in your specialisation and expand your theoretical foundations. The degree will prepare you for careers requiring additional technical qualifications.

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