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MSE Study at the Institute of applied Information Technology (InIT)

The Institute of applied Information Technology (InIT) offers about 30 master study places for MSE students in the MSE spezialisation ICT in the areas Software Development, Information Systems, and Data Science.

Two thirds of your MSE study will take place at our institute. Here you will work on our research and development projects in your specialization area in collaboration with industrial partners. Furthermore, you can participate in the specialized supplementary modules offered by our institute below. You can study the MSE fulltime or part-time. For part-time students we offer the possibility to work at our institute as research assistants.

MSE-Study at InIT

Our institute offers five areas of expertise in which you can specialize during your Master’s studies:

Specialization Modules at InIT

As a Master’s student at our institute, you can benefit from specialized supplementary modules (EVAs) that we have developed specifically for our MSE students. These modules allow you to deepen your knowledge in your specialization area:

MSE Study Models

Variant: part-time study in four semesters
Variant: part-time study in five semesters

You can study the MSE either fulltime in 3 semesters or part-time in 4 to 6 semesters. Typically, students opt for part-time study in either 4 or 5 semesters which allows you to work, e.g. as research assistant at our institute, for 30% or 50% time, respectively.

General information on the MSE

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