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School of Social Work

With its four institutes and the Centre for Social Work Studies, the ZHAW School of Social Work is one of the leading Swiss tertiary institutions in the field. We work in an application-oriented and scientific manner in the fields of teaching, research, services, continuing education and consulting.

Broad-based general education

The demanding educational courses at our tertiary institution have a broad-based general orientation. They include a bachelor’s degree course in social work, encompassing the disciplines of social work, social pedagogy and socio-cultural animation, as well as a subsequent master’s degree course. Both study levels are scientifically based and application-oriented. They enable graduates to work professionally in various fields of activity within the domain of social work.

Key content

In our research projects and in everything that we offer, we concentrate on the following fields of activity: «childhood, youth and Family», «delinquency and crime prevention», «diversity and social Integration» and «management and social policy». Each of these topics is worked on at the respective institute.

Campus on the Toni site

In July 2014, the School of Social Work commenced operations on the Toni site in Zurich West. The move to this modern university campus marks the beginning of a new era.
The university campus on the Toni site is an academic location with international appeal – a centre for education, science, society and culture. The geographical proximity of the ZHAW School of Applied Psychology and the Zürich University of the Arts enables intensive interdisciplinary exchange.
The Toni site is situated in the dynamic and inspiring district of Zurich West. The campus enthuses visitors with its clever architecture and a modern infrastructure for 5000 students, lecturers and staff. The ZHAW School of Social Work has its rooms on floors six to eight in the 75-metre-high tower, offering fascinating views of the former industrial district.

International networking

The rise of global networking is reflected in all levels of human coexistence. Against this backdrop, the internationalisation of social work is becoming more and more important. The ZHAW School of Social Work cultivates various subject-specific international exchange possibilities for its students and staff, as well as for interested parties from partner tertiary institutions, and expands on these constantly.