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City of Wien

Vienna is located in the east of Austria on the Danube and has 1,888,776 inhabitants. With the project "smart city vienna", supported by the program "Smart Energy Demo- FIT for SET" from the Climate and Energy Fund (KLIEN), the Smart City Vienna Initiative 2011 was founded. The main focus was on initial visions and objectives, which were outlined in a broad stakeholder process. These stakeholder processes are still ongoing today and form an important basis for Smart City Vienna. In 2014, the Vienna City Council adopted the "Smart City Vienna Framework Strategy" with the function of creating an orientation framework for all programmes and projects of the city. The aim is to maintain or improve the high quality of life while drastically reducing the consumption of resources: By 2050, greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced by 80% per capita compared to 1990 levels through innovations in various areas and technologies. The Vienna Smart City approach identifies three dimensions:

In order to guarantee an optimal implementation of projects, they should always be linked to each other.

Coordination: The City of Vienna has commissioned the Smart City Agency to coordinate the various urban Smart City activities. The Agency is responsible for tasks such as communication, inquiry management, coordination, project initiation, exploitation and documentation.

Monitoring: In order for monitoring to be able to act as a pathfinder for an efficient implementation of the Smart City Vienna framework strategy, the approach of the strategic control cycle was taken up. This consists of the four basic elements "planning", "implementation", "monitoring" and "control". In this context, monitoring serves to regularly measure and review the achievement of objectives. In accordance with the principles of process management of the City of Vienna, a strategic control cycle was designed for the Smart City Vienna framework strategy. The focus was on the monitoring process, which was documented in detail and in a process description. Link to the document "Monitoring for a Smart City"

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