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Safety-Critical Systems Research Lab

Fields of activity

The Institute for Applied Mathematics and Physics promotes technological progress in the field of systems critical to safety by offering interdisciplinary competence and experience in the following areas:

We place these aspects in the context of development processes, safety and RAMS management, and verification and validation, with our goals ranging from the development of certified products and systems all the way up through to the Declaration of Conformity and the CE label. 

Combined with our expertise in the areas of system theory, the modeling and simulation of complex systems, statistical and probabilistic analysis and formal verification methods, we offer our industrial partners the broad range of technical knowledge required to successfully implement innovative solutions for use in applications critical to safety which require the design, analysis, and validation of complex  programmable (processor-based or FPGA-based) systems critical to safety. Especially if:

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our projects and partners and professional seminars, and advanced training.


We will be happy to introduce our team to you and look forward to hearing from you.

Selected project examples

Further information on selected project examples and student works can be found on the page Projects.