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Soft Robots and Morphological Computation

New sensor and actuator technologies for robots

Development of mathematical-technical concepts for novel robot sensors and actuators, particularly using smart materials and "optimal morphology", enabling e.g. more efficient control, reduced energy consumption, or safer direct interaction with humans. Examples include approaches from the area of “Soft Robotics”. Industry partner: Small startup company.

Personal robotics

Development of control frameworks and corresponding "optimal morphology" hardware enabling the use of industrial robotic arms in applications requiring intimate interaction with humans, such as medical and service industries. Examples include development of efficient and intuitive robot "teaching" systems. Industry partner: Medium-sized company.

Industrial optimization

Optimal control of distributed industrial plants by specific input structuring combined with a range of mathematical optimization methods such as Mixed Integer Linear Programs or Machine Learning approaches. Initial project achieved potential cost reductions > 30% for our customer. Industry partner: Large industrial company.

Data service products

Development of "optimal recommender system" based on customer data mining using Machine Learning and Morphological Control approaches. Industry partner: Small startup company.

System dynamic modeling

Application of System Dynamics and Morphological Control approaches to modeling and optimizing work flow and resource deployment in a government organization. Industry partner: Large government agency.