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Sensors and Measuring Systems


December 2021 - New publication

A huge congratulation to Davide Brambilla and his team for the last publication in ADVANCED HEALTHCARE  MATERIALS! (accepted version here:

I am proud to say that there is a bit of the Sensors and Measuring Systems technology inside this article :-) In particular, the work of Raphael Hagen and Daniel Fehr. Congrats to you too guys!

December 2021 - The spin-off NanoLockin is moving to its new office in Fribourg

NanoLockin moved into its new office at the Colab Fribourg. This will support the company growth and will allow the best start in 2022.

NanoLockin develops instruments based on active thermography for the reliable and reproducible analysis of nanoparticle systems. Based on the recorded heat signature, dispersed carbon and metallic particles can be quantified or the thickness of thin layers can be analysed.Furthermore, the distribution of the particles in the films can be analysed or the reproducibility of the particle synthesis can be checked.

Check our website for more info!

The company was founded in 2018 as spin-off from the ZHAW and the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Fribourg.

December 2021 - SNSF News

Our collaboration with the ETH Zurich (group of Prof. Dr. med. Michael Detmar) and the Zurich University Hospital (Prof. Dr. med. Nicole Lindenblatt) made it to SNSF News!

It was a great pleasure to participate to this exciting project and we are really happy we could bring our engineering expertise and build the device.

November 2021 - Registration opened for the Master of Science in Engineering course "Swiss Biodesign"

Do you want to learn the method developed at Stanford and become an healthcare innovator? Then this course is for you!

More info here

October 2021 - Welcome to Maddy

We are really happy to welcome Madeleine DeBrosse at the Sensors and Measuring Systems Group. Maddy is a PhD student at the University of Cincinnati at the Novel Devices Lab lead by Dr. Heikenfeld. She will be with us for several weeks working in the field of wearable sweat sensors. We are already looking forward interesting results.

Put the lab on fire Maddy! ("metaphor")

September 2021 - Welcome to our new ZHAW PA students!

The Sensors and Measuring Systems group welcomes our new PA students for the fall semester 2021. Altogether, we have the pleasure to host this semester 8 students from ST and ET.

We are very happy that you chose our lab and we are looking forward to successful projects.

August 2021 - Swiss Biodesign Master Course

Congratulation to the first cohort of our Master students who successfully completed the Swiss Biodesign Summer School!

Are you interested joining in 2022? Application opening soon. More info here.

July 2021 - Picking up the Calorsito device

We could successfully pick up a Calorsito device in Fribourg produced by the startup company NanoLockin. We got our device from the CEO himself! NanoLockin is a startup developing and commercializing hightech instruments for the detection and characterization of nanoparticles in complex environements. The company is a spin-off from the Adolphe Merkle Institute and ZHAW School of Engineering.

June 2021 - Congratulation to Claudio Malnati for publishing his Master thesis!

The manuscript entitled "Modeling Stratum Corneum Swelling for the Optimization of Electrode-Based Skin Hydration Sensors" has been accepted for publication in Sensors (MDPI). The publication can be accessed here.

Congrats Claudio! 

July 2021 - Mathias Bonmarin selected as IEEE IMS Distinguished Lecturer

Congratulation to Mathias Bonmarin for being selected as IEEE IMS Distinguished Lecturer!

More about the DLP can be found here.