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Applied Statistics

The focus in the field of applied statistics is on classical, robust, and multivariate statistics and statistical method development.


Our expertise lies in classical and modern statistical methods, e.g. study design, survey analysis, imputation, data visualization and analysis, statistical modeling, survival analysis, and robust and multivariate statistics.

At the IDP, we also work, research, and develop on special statistical topics, e.g. compositional data analysis and anonymization of data.

We actively develop with and extend the software environment R in the form of R packages.

We have extensive application experience in the fields of business analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), laboratory analytics and quality control, environment and transport, biostatistics, health, and psychometrics, among others. Together with the Institute for Applied Information Technology (InIT), we operate the interdisciplinary Datalab, which takes innovative ideas in the field of Data Science and Big Data Analytics and puts them into practice.

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