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Whether you want to use electronic media, need a print publication or are looking for the latest scientific findings in your field, our search systems are here to help.

Searching for media


E-media portal

The e-media portal lists the e-books held in the University Library. You can access not only the full text of the e-books in the ZHAW holding but also a large number of electronic documents in the public domain.

Use “Thematische Suche” (in German only) on the homepage if you don’t have a specific keyword and you want to receive initial search results on a topic quickly.


E-book supplier platforms

If you want to access only the e-books provided by a specific supplier, you can use the e-book supplier platforms (in German). These platforms offer additional search functionalities, such as a full-text search. However, the platforms display not only licensed but also unlicensed sources. This means that only some of the hits will give you access to the full text.

Print media and more

NEBIS recherche

NEBIS recherche offers a central point of access to search the University Library print collection.

NEBIS (Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland) is an affiliation 140 university libraries and research facilities from all the language regions of Switzerland. The NEBIS catalogue contains in total 10,5 million titles: books, series, journals and non-book materials.


Electronic journals

You’ll find the University Library collection of electronic journals listed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). The EZB also has Open Access journals (titles which can be freely accessed in the Internet).

If you are looking for articles, we recommend searching in our databases.

Print journals

You can find the University Library’s holding of print journals listed in NEBIS recherche. As a rule, these journals are not borrowable.

ZHAW digitalcollection

The ZHAW digitalcollection is the ZHAW's digital repository. As a document repository and publication service for THAW staff, it contains ZHAW publications (working papers and theses), secondary publications (green open access), as well as bibliographic references.

You can find more information in the ZHAW digitalcollection wiki.


Databases available

The University Library has a wide range of databases focussing on different specialist areas. If you are looking for a specific database for your field, use the ZHAW website search at the top of this page.

LinkSolver - link to full text

Many bibliographic databases are activated for LinkSolver. If you click on the LinkSolver symbol next to a citation in a database, you will be automatically redirected to the full text, if this is available. If it is not available, you will be redirected to NEBIS recherche, where you can check whether the document you are looking for is available in print form in a library.

Electronic reference works

Use our range of dictionaries and encyclopaedias to gain an overview of a topic, find a definition of a term or keywords for your search.

Not found what you’re looking for?