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ReDSim Laboratory

Flight research in the research and didactics simulator

Laboratory- und System Description

The ReDSim (Research and Didactics Simulator) is a real-time didactics and research simulator that was developed at the ZHAW. It had its maiden flight on the 17th of March 2011 and has been continuously improved and extended ever since.

The complete mechanical design and most parts of the software were designed and developed by employees of the Center for Aviation and students of various degree courses. The research simulator employs state of the art technology and features a Control Loading System to simulate force feedback to the pilot and a visual system with a field of view of 180 degrees.

ReDSim is used in taught courses of the BSc in Aviation degree course and serves as laboratory for external partners in various fields. Owing to its system architecture, the ReDSim is very flexible and can be adapted for various applications.



ReDSim is utilized in taught courses at the ZHAW as laboratory equipment, where students can gain hands-on experience with flight simulation devices for research. Furthermore, ReDSim is used in projects and bachelor theses. Additionally, ReDSim is utilized for research and development projects of external industry partners.