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Real-time sensor data transmission for exploratory drilling


For geological investigations such as those required for tunnel construction, hydraulic tests are carried out in boreholes. To ensure a successful hydraulic in-situ test, it is necessary to measure the pressure at several points in the surrounding area of the probe in the borehole simultaneously and in real time.

Existing systems require one cable per reading, which is problematic due to the limited available radial space and the weight of the cables. In the developed system, three pressure readings and temperature can be transmitted to the surface in real time from depths of up to 1500 m via a single single-core armored coaxial cable with 3 mm diameter and 730 kg breaking strength (WirelineWorks 1-R-125-PD). The development is initially based on a student project and was subsequently supported by Innosuisse.


Developed measuring system with data transmission from the borehole

  • Remote measuring unit for data acquisition and transmission with ST7580 powerline modem on up to 1500 m cable length
  • Energy-efficient remote power supply for operation up to 70 °C ambient temperature
  • Moisture protection
  • Surface unit and PC software for real-time display of measured values

At a glance

Participating institutes and centres:

Project partner:

Financing: Innosuisse

Project status: finished