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Careers after bachelor's degree Engineering and Management

The unique combination of mathematical, technical and economic competences will open up excellent professional and career prospects to you as an industrial engineer.

Specialisation: Industrial Engineering

As an industrial engineer, you will plan, design and realise company processes. At the interface between management, development, and sales, you are responsible for implementing strategic goals in operational terms and planning specifications and for ensuring the optimal use of personnel, machines and computer technology. Your task is to ensure the efficient, reliable, cost-effective and timely provision of company services. You can approach complex operational problems systematically, describe them quantitatively and optimise them with computer-aided methods.

Specialisation: Data and Service Engineering

As an industrial engineer specialising in Service Engineering and Marketing, you will be involved in the design, planning and implementation of operational processes in service companies. At the interface between management, employees and customers, you will ensure implementation in operational terms of strategic goals and planning specifications. You will guarantee the optimal use of personnel, communication media and computer technology and the efficient, reliable, cost-effective and timely provision of company services.

Specialisation: Business Mathematics

Banks, insurance providers and other service companies use mathematics and statistical methods to analyse, model and improve their products and business processes in the market environment. Typical tasks include the weighting of risk and profit, the prediction of future market developments, the clarification of market needs and the creation of customer profiles.

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Half our graduates found their first job within one month of graduating, and the majority found a job within three months.

An entry-level salary for engineers and architects is CHF 91,000. In different sectors this may vary, however, especially in the energy industry, where salaries are significantly higher. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science can also expect a higher entry-level salary. Once graduates have been working for several years, their average annual salary will be approximately CHF 117,000. (Source: Saläre für Ingenieure und Architekten – Sonderbeilage Swiss Engineering).