Low-power Wireless Embedded Systems

These systems are driving the development of a whole range of new applications, products and services. The transformative potential of this technology can be seen in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, where for economic reasons the large number of objects involved can only be linked to each other wirelessly. To support its work in developing energy-optimising methods and technologies, the InES maintains close contacts with chip manufacturers, who are increasingly combining microcontrollers with wireless systems.

Our Knowhow

Wireless Standards

More and more it gets difficult to keep the overview in the different Short Range Wireless Standards. Bluetooth, ZigBee, OFDM-UWB, DS-UWB, WLAN a/b/g, WiMAX, ZWave etc. Only those, who constantly work with this subject can keep up. Our aim is to provide a crucial contribution to the wireless comfort of different applications.

In addition we get involved with different Microcontrollers and have another focus on sensoric.

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For each project we want to use the most suitable CPU (microcontroller, FPGA or ASIC). So we have to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, we possess knowledge in various microcontroller-types like Atmel, ARM, Texas Instrument TI, MSP430, CoolRisk, 8051, PSoC, Propeller (parallel-uC), XMOS (parallel-uC), EM Microelectronic - Marin ...


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