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Institute of Sustainable Development (INE)

Main research

The Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) observes technological, economic and social changes and their complex interactions from a sustainability perspective. Using applied research, we identify future demands on technologies and their future-compatible integration into systems. We concentrate on the following three subject areas:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems
    How should energy systems be organised to ensure that they are technologically productive, ecologically sustainable and financially worthwhile?
Strategic positioning Institut of Sustainable Development
Strategic positioning Institut of Sustainable Development

INE researchers have the key competencies – namely interdisciplinary skills and extensive methodological knowledge, especially in the areas of foresight and risk management – to develop sustainable solutions in these fields. They evaluate trends, assess technologies and use the results of these analyses to design Smart Regions and future-oriented business models, taking into account the needs, acceptance and behaviours of stakeholders.





Course of study and continuing education

The Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) is involved in following course of study and continuing educations:


At a glance

26 applied researchers works

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