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Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Team

In the Optoelectronic Materials and Devices Team, we mainly deal with modeling and simulation, we try to establish new measurement methods, construct measurement systems for special measurement tasks and maintain a laboratory where we manufacture OLEDs ourselves, among other things. Besides research and development we try to improve teaching by gamification.

Currently, we are working intensively on modeling quantum-dot converter layers that can convert blue light into white light and are constructing a measurement device to measure degradation in such converter layers.

In a Swiss National Science Foundatino project, we are trying to use electrochemical measurements to measure certain properties of organic semiconductors so that future OLED models will be more accurate.

In the past, we have also simulated light-management layers to improve the light output in OLEDs by scattering.

For teaching, we are developing the e-Exercises app, an online platform to distribute exercises in various subjects online. Like in computer games, points are awarded for correct solutions (gamification), motivating students to participate. A special help system and other elements support the learning process. The app is not quite finished yet and we are looking for good programmers to support us in a PA/BA/MSE project.