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Careers after bachelor's degree Sytems Engineering

As a systems technology engineer, you will be employed to work on challenging development projects in national or international companies.

Focus Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a relatively young engineering discipline with rapidly growing relevance. In this highly interesting technology environment, you will work on problems in fields such as robotics, medical technology, automation technology or vehicle construction. Diverse and challenging tasks will await you upon completion of your studies:

Learn more about career opportunities after graduating from the Systems Engineering Bachelor programme.

Focus Medical Technology

The development of technical equipment or processes is a future-oriented industry and offers a wide range of job opportunities. Medical technology engineers work in complex systems with mechanical, electronic and computer-related components. You will develop and maintain medical products and view yourself as an interface between technology and medicine. You will find interesting jobs with such employers as MedTech companies or hospitals. Medical technology engineers assume project management or leadership tasks in the following professional areas:

Learn more about career opportunities after graduating from the Systems Engineering Bachelor programme.

“Specialising in medical technology during my studies paved the way for me to help patients as an engineer today.”

Daniela Stadelmann, ZHAW graduate and development engineer at icotec ag
Graduate profile


“As a systems engineer, I assemble the individual pieces of a puzzle to form an application,”

Tobias Frech, graduate system engineering

Graduate profile

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Most graduates quickly find a suitable entry-level job. The median starting salary is CHF 85,000, with the chosen industry and specialization playing a crucial role. In 2022, the median annual salary for engineers, when extrapolated to 100% full-time equivalent, is CHF 119,000. (Source: Salaries for Engineers and Architects 2022/2023)