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Mobile Computing

Mobile devices such as smartphones or touchpads have spread rapidly in recent years and more and more software is being developed specifically for these mobile devices. Since touch, gesture and speech-based interaction with these mobile devices is fundamentally different from interaction with traditional desktop computers, the consideration not only of the technology, but also of the design and usability of these new interaction possibilities is getting more and more important.


The Mobile Usability Lab of InIT deals with mobile applications and services and offers its expertise in the following areas:

  •     Speech processing with deep learning approaches
  •     Development of mobile applications and services (Android, iOS, HMTL5)
  •     Mobile usability engineering & testing
  •     User-centered design, mobile-interaction design
  •     Mobile-service engineering

The Mobile Usability Lab persues applied R&D projects with industry and university partners and offers various other services in these areas.