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Course on SORA - Specific Operations Risk Assessment for UAV


The process to guarantee safety for manned aircraft is a well-established process since many years. This process requires a complex structure composed of approved manufacturers, approved design organizations, approved training organizations and approved operators. This process results in a very heavy burden for the industry. Nevertheless, this burden is considered necessary to guarantee the safety of flight of manned aircraft. The effectiveness of this approach is evident from the excellent records of the industry.

Certification authorities such as EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) are trying to establish clear rules that will guarantee the safety of UAV operations. It is a clear intent of the safety agencies that these rules should not prevent the development of new UAV based applications and that should not be so complicated to require extensive aviation background. In Europe, this effort has led to the creation of the SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) regulation.

Target Audience

The SORA course is organized in order to address quite a large audience:




The attendees will acquire both the theoretical background and the practical experience to effectively address the issues posed by the SORA process.

Structure & Content


The SORA course is conceived as a modular course and is structured in 4 days with 8 hours of lessons per day as per the following table(PDF 57,1 KB).

Prerequisites & Teaching Language

The course is intended for all those people that are interested in familiarizing with SORA in the framework of UAV operation. Therefore, basic knowledge of UAV operation and related issue is required to the participants. The course does not require particular mathematical or technical skills, even though these may be an advantage.

The course and all the related material will be prepared in English language since this is the internationally preferred language for aviation professionals.