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Distributed Thermal Energy Systems

Due to the expansion of renewable energy sources, an increasingly large part of electricity production is subject to short-term and seasonal fluctuations. These fluctuations can be balanced with (distributed) thermal power plants. To achieve this in a CO2-neutral way, alternative fuels must be used that chemically store the excess of renewable power production. The research of the Distributed Thermal Energy Systems group aims to find appropriate solutions for distributed and CO2-neutral technologies and systems.

Research focus

The research focusses on the analysis of dynamical systems, the combustion of alternative, CO2-free fuels (hydrogen, ammonia, biogas) and the thermo- and aeroacoustics of energy conversion systems in the energy and transport sector. Our aim is to blend fundamental and application-oriented research to solve real-world problems.


The Distributed Thermal Energy Systems research group possesses a broad spectrum of relevant competencies and has many years of industrial experience. Following an interdisciplinary approach, analytical, numerical and experimental methods are combined to find solutions in following topics:

Test rigs and measurement technology

Example projects

Projects on the following topics are part of the research of the Distributed Thermal Energy Systems group:

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