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Rehabilitation Engineering

The research field "Rehabilitation Engineering" has established itself in biomechanics in recent years. In cooperation with industry and leading rehabilitation clinics, various therapy devices have been developed that are used in the context of motor therapy, especially in neurorehabilitation. The specific focus in movement therapy is on trunk therapy and the upper extremities in combination with virtual/augmented reality.

The movement and posture of the human body can be recorded and evaluated in real time using the latest technology. For this purpose, the laboratory uses state-of-the-art technology such as contactless contour measurement (simiMotion motion analysis) or Inertial Measurement Units IMU's (xsens 3D motion tracking).

The Biomechanics Laboratory works closely with the Physiotherapy Research Department of the ZHAW School of Health in conducting clinical studies. This also includes writing ethics applications and publishing scientific studies in specialist journals.