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Strategic R&D Key Topics

The activities of the approximately 50 employees in research and development are focused on the strategic key topics 'High Performance Materials', 'Advanced Processing- and Joining Technologies', 'Innovative Surface Technologies' and 'Sustainable Process Engineering'

High Performance Materials

The key topic 'High Performance Materials' deals with the development and application of materials for demanding applications (aerospace, electromobility, medical technology, etc.) and/or in challenging environments, such as for use in the high-temperature range. In addition, this focus is also particularly dedicated to materials and their implementation of lightweight construction applications and other sustainable applications

  • High performance ceramics
  • High performance alloys
  • Fibre-reinforced composites
  • Functional polymers, polymer blends and biopolymers
  • Hybrid materials

Advanced Processing- and Joining Technologies

In addition to the methods of classical development and production of materials, the IMPE has a broad and extensive know-how and technology portfolio in various processing and process methods. Additive manufacturing processes and modern joining technologies are a special focus in this area.

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Ceramic shaping
  • Compounding and extrusion
  • Bonding and adhesion technologies
  • Welding

Innovative Surface Technologies

Surfaces are the interfaces between materials and their environment or the interfaces of joined components. The IMPE develops and applies methods and coating materials for the preparation for further processing (joining, etc.), the refinement (wear protection, etc.) and/or functionalization (switchable, hydrophobic, conductive, self-healing, etc.) of the surfaces.

  • Polymeric, ceramic and metallic coatings
  • Functional surfaces and coatings (SMART)
  • Sol-Gel-coatings
  • Hybrid coatings
  • Tribology

Sustainable Process Engineering

The field of process engineering deals with the production and application of functional materials together with process development and monitoring of a wide variety of processes, especially with regard to sustainable, environmentally relevant topics such as air and waste gas purification, conversion and recycling as well as their circular economies.

  • CO2 Capture and Transformation
  • Power-to-Liquid / Fuel Processing
  • Gas/flue gas treatment, water/wastewater treatment
  • Material separation, transformation or enrichment
  • Particle and powder synthesis