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Thermal storage

Energy storage systems play an important role in ensuring that the energy supply meets the energy demand at all times. In the transition to a society based on renewable energy sources, which have a fluctuated and unpredictable production, storage technologies are fundamental for smoothing out the energy supply and for time shifting between energy production and consumption and ensuring that the supply of energy matches the demand.

Core area

The Thermal Energy Storage research group deals with non-electrical energy storage systems (PDF 601,0 KB).

One focus is the research of sorption technology. Storages based on absorption technology allow a long-time storage of chemical potential without thermal losses and minimize thermodynamic losses adjusting the generated temperature to the required effective temperature.

The research and development focus of the group is on developing application-oriented system solutions, processes and plant components. This is where the research group benefits from close collaboration with experts from the other groups of the IEFE, such as electrical system and numerical simulation groups.


Absorption processes

What are absorption processes (PDF 586,3 KB)?

Application of absorption processes:

Thermochemical networks

Working fluids

Exergetic analyses

What are exergetic analyses (PDF 571,9 KB)?


Optimization of the power supply through thermal energy storage systems

• Storage systems for district networks (PDF 205,5 KB)

• Thermal energy storage systems for waste to energy plants (PDF 379,3 KB)

• Energy consumption analysis of a brewery (PDF 359,5 KB)

• Optimization of the thermal energy supply at urban district level  (PDF 861,7 KB)


Project examples

H-Disnet Official Webpage:

MPC - Adaptive building energy management system (PDF 245,5 KB)

SpeQua (PDF 4,8 MB)