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Data Driven Service Engineering

Which jobs or challenges of customers or users can be improved by smart (data-driven) services and how can these services be implemented?


With the spread of the Internet over the last 20 years, digitalization has spread in wide areas of society and economy. Administrative processes are already predominantly digitized and efficiently designed. The customer-centric development of services that solve relevant problems in the everyday life of users has great potential. With the wide availability of sensors, data, networks, and cloud infrastructures, a foundation for this transformation is now available that offers new and scalable possibilities

The service benefits must be consistently aligned with the users and customers and add value for their business generation processes.

Development of data-driven services / smart services
Data-driven service engineering has the focus on the design and description of the customer's service system. In what contexts and ecosystems do these jobs have to be accomplished? What are the pains that a service can solve for customers? In this approach, so-called value propositions can be designed for the customers. The processing and analysis of data help both in identifying suitable value propositions and in shaping their content.

Selected Projects

  • Data Science for SMEs (Data4SMEs)
    The Data4KMU project is investigating and designing easy-to-use tools and concepts for the use of data science in products and services specifically for SMEs.
  • ZHAW Plattform Industry 4.0
    The ZHAW School of Engineering has pooled its expertise in the area of Industry 4.0 and combines know-how in various fields to create a holistic application.
  • Expert group Smart Services (Data+Service Alliance)
    Smart services for B2B and B2C with the common denominator: Involving people in the process.

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