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Access Control with Energy Harvesting from the Door Handle

The access control system developed in this project uses energy harvesting to generate energy from the movement of a door handle. This energy-autarkic system enables the implementation of electronic door locks without conventional energy sources such as batteries or direct power supply. The mechanical energy from operating the door handle is collected and converted into electrical energy. The amount of energy gathered from pressing the door handle is sufficient to read an NFC tag for authentication and the subsequent unlocking of the door. Over 50 % more electrical energy is collected than is required for the system's operation. Particularly noteworthy is the energy management, which consists of several components, including a specially developed motor as an energy harvester and an efficient voltage regulator, which uses the generated energy to read out the NFC tag and to control of the solenoid actuator to unlock the door. The prototype of this system is designed to be integrated into conventional door locks, providing an easily accessible and environmentally friendly alternative to battery-powered electric locks.

The developed prototype demonstrates the practical feasibility of the approach and shows the potential of energy harvesting in smart home and security applications.