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Borrowing - Ordering

Find out more about borrowing, ordering, collecting, renewing and returning items within the extensive NEBIS holding.

«Thanks to the library's well-networked and interconnected operations, those of us in smaller locations can also benefit from its full range of services.»
Dr. Lukas Neutsch, lecturer


ZHAW members

Your first have to register at a ZHAW University Library. We will then activate your user account, which has been created automatically.

If you already have an existing NEBIS or IDS account, you can continue to use it. We will make the necessary adjustments for you.

Once your account is activated you can use your ZHAW login for NEBIS. When you sign in "Via Institution's or login" you only have to choose "ZHAW" in the drop-down menu. To confirm click on "Anmelden". You will then be forwarded to a new page where you can sign in with your ZHAW login.

External users

If you already have an IDS or a NEBIS user card, you can use this card. If not, please register online using the registration form and then present yourself to the lending desk at your ZHAW University Library. Your user account will then be activated, and you will receive a NEBIS user card free of charge.


ZHAW media

The majority of the items in the ZHAW holding are freely accessible and, with the exception of the non-circulating items (Präsenzbestand), borrowable.

External media

Many NEBIS libraries participate in the courier service scheme. At all the others, you can use or borrow resources on site or request postal delivery of the items you require (charges apply).  
For deliveries of media resources from the Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB), please consult your home library staff, who will arrange for the courier service. If your home library is the ZHAW University Library Zurich, please collect your orders directly from the ZB Zurich. No courier service is possible since the two libraries are closely located.

Electronic media

In addition to print media, the University Library has licensed a large holding of electronic media. Please note that if you wish to use e-media off campus, you must connect to the ZHAW network via VPN.


ZHAW members select their home library in the NEBIS catalogue as their collection point:

  • ZHAW-HSB-WIN (Winterthur)
  • ZHAW-HSB-ZH (Zurich)
  • ZHAW-HSB-WAE (Wädenswil)

External users can specify the ETH library as their home library.

As soon as the items you have requested have arrived at your collection location, you will be notified by email or text message.

In Winterthur or Wädenswil you can also arrange for collection by a third party.


Loan periods can vary depending on the type of resource and the NEBIS library it is held by.

The standard loan period is 28 days (Ausleihe 4 Wochen). You can renew your documents online in your user account (top right). The maximum loan period with several renewals is 168 days. You can find further details on the NEBIS website.


You can return media from NEBIS libraries which participate in the NEBIS loan network at any university library.

To return an item outside opening hours, go to your home library (Winterthur, Zurich or Wädenswil). Please note that late returns may incur a fee.

Not found anything?

General information

  • Have you already searched the E-media portal? It lists all the e-books licensed by the ZHAW.


Information for students

Not found what you’re looking for?

Swissbib is the metacatalogue covering the Swiss university libraries, the Swiss National Library and some other institutions. It offers simple access to scientific resources, and most items in the holdings can be ordered using your NEBIS login.

Is the item you’ve found in swissbib not available to order?

You can submit a request for an inter-library loan. Please note that charges apply in accordance with our Library Regulations.

Otherwise, you can submit an acquisition proposal.

Information for staff

The University Library arranges the loan of media from outside the NEBIS network for staff members. Please use the inter-library loan form. You can find further information on our services for ZHAW staff on the Intranet (ZHAW login required - in German).

Otherwise, you can submit an acquisition proposal.