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Finance, Risk Management and Econometrics

The group Finance, Risk Management and Econometrics consists a team of mathematicians, physicists and economists who work on future topics in  finance and drive the automation and digitalization of the financial industry forward.

Together with banks, insurers, asset managers, FinTech enterprises and other financial service providers, we carry out projects in applied research & development, thereby helping the Swiss financial center to seize the opportunities of the digital transformation. 

Our key topics are:

The methodologies that we advance and apply to practical problems range from simple regression over cryptography and neural networks to techniques from statistical physics. For each problem we choose the simplest tool that solves it. Our solutions are intuitive and pragmatic – as simple as possible, but as complex as necessary.

Our innovations in quantitative finance continuously feed back into our teaching.

Our research & development is third-party financed (financed directly by our industry partners, or supported by Innosuisse, the SNF, or the EU). 

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