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For those interested in further education

The School of Engineering offers a wide range of further education options that allow you to obtain a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) or a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). The IPP is involved as a course leader in several study programmes and actively contributes to several of these modular further education offers.


Our courses:

We are also involved with the following courses:

Individual courses

If you would like an individual course for your company, the School of Engineering allows you to create courses that are specifically tailored to your business and needs. You can contact us to discuss which type of training is best for your company.

The course topics we offer as part of individual courses include technical drawing, creativity techniques, design thinking, circular economy design, target costing, additive manufacturing and training in 3D experience. These are just a few examples of topics that we can offer in individual training courses. We are attuned to your needs and requirements and can provide you with a tailor-made offer to give you and your company the knowledge and skills you need.