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CAS Corporate Responsibility

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Corporate Responsibility in English provides participants with the tools they need to embed corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability management as a strategic goal and thereby contribute to the success of a company. Specialists teach the content of this program with a balanced mix of current concepts and instruments as well as practical examples.


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Certificate of Advanced Studies ZHAW in Corporate Responsibility (12 ECTS)





CHF 8'000.00

Comment on costs: 

The program fee includes detailed documentation and thesis supervision. If you register 3 months before the course starts, we offer a reduced seminar fee of CHF 7'500.00.


ZHAW School of Management and Law / Campus St.-Georgen-Platz, 8401 Winterthur

Language of instruction:

  • English
  • German version fall term / English version spring term


If you are interested in the German version of the program, please click here. Arrange an individual consultation today using our online contact form.

"The program helped me to understand the CR concept in theory and practice better. I now feel more confident in steering, arguing, and solving the challenges I face in my day-to-day work."

Simone Durrer-Merkle, Project Manager for Sustainability, HUG AG (Graduate 2017)

Objectives and content

Target audience

Company representatives and individuals in administrations, associations, foundations, and non-governmental or non-profit organizations who want to act as competent CR points of contact.


Sustainability and CR encompass a range of tasks within a company. Selected functions such as procurement, communication, employee management, compliance, and product development are involved, but often require higher-level coordination or a specialist unit.

To fulfill these tasks competently, specific skills are required. These include:

  • Development of CR strategies for companies
  • Introduction and application of CR management approaches
  • Integration of CR into corporate functions such as procurement, employee management, accounting, and controlling & reporting
  • Credible CR communication to the market and the public
  • Development of a corporate culture towards sustainability and initiation of change processes
  • Planning and implementation of CR projects with internal and external partners
  • Review and evaluation of companies concerning sustainability

In addition to these skills, the program conveys a comprehensive understanding of CR as an integrated, strategic, and systematic approach that simultaneously offers benefits for the company and society as a whole ("shared value").

The program is also an ideal preparation for individuals who want to act as competent CR contacts in administrations, associations, foundations, and non-governmental or non-profit organizations.

"During the program, I have learned how to develop, implement, and sustain an effective sustainability strategy in a company and how to communicate it to the right stakeholders on a long-term basis."

Patricia Röösli, Head of Environment and Social Affairs, Swiss Travel Association (Graduate 2019)


Module 1 – Strategic Alignment of CR

  • CR as Success Factor
  • CR Accounting, Controlling & Reporting
  • CR Communication
  • CR Innovations

Module 2 – Integrated Implementation of CR

  • CR as Change Process 
  • CR Compliance & Integrity
  • CR in the Supply Chain

The credit points of the CAS Corporate Responsibility can be allocated to the following MAS degree programs in consultation with the program directors:

MAS Communication Management and Leadership
MAS Compliance
MAS Human Capital Management
MAS Supply Chain & Operations Management
MAS Marketing Management


The application-oriented approach comprises a wide range of teaching and learning methods:

  • Presentations and teaching seminars
  • Practical exercises and case studies
  • Group work
  • Self-study (preparation and follow-up)
  • Elements of e-learning
  • An independent, practical thesis

More details about the implementation

On this part-time program, classes are held over seven double day intensive seminars (four on site and three online). They take place in the time period between February and May, on Fridays and Saturdays from 8.45 a.m. - 4.45 p.m.
Each intensive seminar includes guided preparatory and follow-up work.
The program concludes with a practically oriented thesis in two parts. Ideally, the participants bring the topic from their own organization or their personal environment.

Nadja Hauser
"I found the active discussions in class extremely exciting and inspiring – especially due to the different professional and technical backgrounds of the participants."

Nadja Hauser, Communications and Social Media Manager, swisscleantech (Graduate 2020)

Enquiries and contact


Department International Business

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Admission requirements

Applicants must have either a university degree or corresponding professional qualification (admission on merit).

Start Application deadline Registration link
14.02.2025 31.01.2025 Apply

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