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Dr. Mathias Weyland

Dr. Mathias Weyland

Dr. Mathias Weyland

ZHAW School of Engineering
Forschungsschwerpunkt Applied Complex Systems Science
Technikumstrasse 9
8400 Winterthur

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

Senior Scientist

Expertise and research interests

Dynamic Thermal Dosimetric Concept for Evaluating Synergistic Effect of Combined Hyperthermia-Radiotherapy (RT-HT)

Educational background

Master of Science in Informatics, Multimodal and Cognitive Systems, UZH
Bachelor of Science in Bioinformatics, UZH

Professional milestones

Research Assistant at Eawag, Dübendorf, Switzerland
Guest Researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology, Venice, Italy
EE and CE at QualySense AG, Glattbrugg, Switzerland



Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Oral conference contributions and abstracts

Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Weyland, M. S., Fellermann, H., Hadorn, M., Sorek, D., Lancet, D., Rasmussen, S. & Füchslin, R. M. (2013). The MATCHIT automaton: Exploiting compartmentalization for the synthesis of branched polymers. Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2013.

Besmer, M. D., Weissbrodt, D. G., Kratochvil, B. E., Sigrist, J. A., Weyland, M. S. & Hammes, F. (2014). The feasibility of automated online flow cytometry for in-situ monitoring of microbial dynamics in aquatic ecosystems. Systems Microbiology, 5, 265.

Füchslin, R. M., Dumont, E., Flumini, D., Fuchs, H. U., Hauser, H.; Jaeger, C., Scheidegger, S., Schönenberger-Deuel, J., Lichtensteiger, L., Luchsinger, R. H., Weyland, M. S. (2014). Morphological control: a design principle for applications in space science. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 67, 305-313.