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Smart Services and Maintenance

The use of information from data is an important driver of innovation in the service sector. It leads to completely new processes and business models.

Smart services refers to a new concept for the development of services that consists of a combination of service design and data science. The focus is on the question of how existing data about customers, markets, processes, etc. can be used specifically to enable improved or completely new value propositions for customers. We look at both strategic and operational issues.

Smart maintenance is an important sub-area of services. This involves the use of facility data (condition data, fault data, usage data) to make better use of technical facilities. This includes topics such as condition monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance, but also methods to improve the operational use of technical systems, as well as data-supported system control with the aim of improving operational performance.

In both areas, we combine methods of data analysis and machine learning with process models of the underlying service process.

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