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From ZHAW graduate to sought-after tech pioneer,

Kevin Schellinger was already enthusiastic about Fintech startups from the USA as a teenager. During his computer science studies at ZHAW, he was already involved in the founding of a startup, which almost cut his studies short. In retrospect, he is glad to have completed his bachelor's degree for various reasons.

The Forbes magazine ranked him first on its "30 Under 30" list in 2019. During his studies, he worked as an employee on the long-term research project Solar Impulse led by adventurer and researcher Bertrand Piccard. He co-founded several tech startups, including SwissCEX, a cryptocurrency platform that has since been successfully sold and operates under the name ECUREX in Zurich. Additionally, he has been working as an independent consultant for Fintech startups for several years. Kevin Schellinger has already been able to accumulate a wealth of professional experiences as an entrepreneur. It was by no means predetermined: "I am the first in my family to even pursue higher education," emphasizes Kevin Schellinger. Prior to his ZHAW studies, he completed vocational training as an IT specialist specializing in systems engineering at the Berufsbildungsschule Winterthur and subsequently decided to pursue a part-time computer science program at the School of Engineering.

"A study program that does not take place in a vacuum."

"That I was able to pursue my studies part-time was certainly one reason why I chose ZHAW. It allowed me to focus more on professional projects alongside my studies," explains Kevin Schellinger. However, he admits that there were several moments during his studies when he was "close to quitting" because his professional commitments took up so much time, leaving little time for the study content itself. "In the end, though, I was glad to have completed it," recalls Schellinger. In retrospect, he sees his studies as an important pillar of his career. "The degree program provided me with a deeper understanding of computer science and taught me fundamental concepts that continue to help me better understand certain things," summarizes the 34-year-old. "Additionally, the program is very practical and does not take place in a vacuum. I met many interesting people during my studies, especially among the part-time students who were already heavily involved in their careers. The exchange with them was always inspiring," says Kevin Schellinger.

His work at Solar Impulse, where he worked alongside his studies, also remains a particularly fond memory. "I was responsible for the IT system support there, so I worked more in the organizational area, but that time had a significant impact on me. It was truly special to be part of this unique project," enthuses Kevin Schellinger.

"The degree program provided me with a deeper understanding of computer science and taught me fundamental concepts that continue to help me better understand certain things."

Kevin Schellinger, graduate of the computer science bachelor's degree with specialisation in social engineering.

Blockchain pioneer and committed entrepreneur

Currently, the 34-year-old is involved in the founding of the Fintech startup "1Delta," which aims to provide users with efficient, secure, and transparent cryptocurrency trading. Kevin Schellinger has been involved in and studied blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at an early stage. His expertise is in high demand, leading Forbes magazine to take notice of him and rank him first on their "30 Under 30" list for Switzerland. It is his entrepreneurial spirit that motivates Kevin Schellinger in his endeavors. "Even as a child, I wanted to make a difference as an entrepreneur with new technologies. I firmly believe that blockchain technology can change the world for the better. The exchange with other founders and the mutual feeling of working on something that can help people is the greatest driving force for me," describes Kevin Schellinger, illustrating the passion that has accompanied him throughout his professional journey.