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Flight Science Internship

Students at the ZHAW School of Engineering can participate in an aeronautics internship in Nordholz to become familiar with the working methods of flight test engineers and test pilots. Measurement flights are prepared and executed.

The recorded data are evaluated using scientific methods, and reports are compiled. The internship is conducted together with the Aachen University for Applied Sciences. This offers students the opportunity to share information and experiences with students from Germany and to establish contacts.

The aeronautics internship has a three-part structure: Planning, measurement flights and evaluation.


The first phase involves familiarisation with a topic selected by the student. Tasks from the fields of flight performance, stability, and flight mechanics are available for this purpose. The selected flight test determines which parameters will be measured under which conditions.


In the second phase the students track their measurements both on the ground and on board the test aircraft. The students are responsible for the trials during the entire process from the teaching for the test pilots to the execution, and thus demonstrate their skills as flight test engineers.


In the third phase, the recorded data is evaluated, the knowledge summarised in a report and presented as part of a colloquium.