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Aeronautics internship

The Eurocontrol Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg provides interested ZHAW aviation students with an opportunity of taking a behind-the-scenes look at air traffic control. After the students have completed e-learning modules to prepare themselves for the on-site part of the course, qualified Eurocontrol instructors introduce them to the world of the air traffic controller. In addition to the current state of air traffic control in Europe, the course also explains what future developments are in store. Experts present initiatives such as the Single European Sky and analyse the major challenges currently facing the aviation industry – increased traffic, environmental considerations, flexible use of airspace and the collaboration between air traffic control and pilots and their interaction with airports.

The ATM Summer School comprises three parts – e-learning, the training week in Luxembourg and the preparation and presentation of a paper.


Participants receive access to the Eurocontrol Training Zone, a digital learning platform with numerous educational modules from the field of air traffic control. When students complete the e-Learning course, they will have further expanded the knowledge they gained at the School of Engineering and acquired the foundation necessary to be able to follow the curriculum at the IANS.

Training week in Luxembourg

After a theoretical introduction to the different subject areas, participants are given the opportunity to observe the work of air traffic controllers on a simulator and guide virtual aircraft around the sky themselves.


Following the training week, participants will write a paper on a topic of their choice and present it to an audience of experts.