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Aviation Students Experience Air Traffic Control Up Close at Skyguide

During an excursion to Skyguide in Dübendorf, our aviation students had the unique opportunity to closely experience and explore the various aspects of air traffic control, which served as a practical example complementing the learning content of their lecture "Infrastructure Airspace and Air Navigation Services."

The visit began in the radar control room, where they were able to look over the shoulders of air traffic controllers at work, witnessing firsthand how air traffic over Eastern Switzerland, as well as arrivals and departures at Zurich Airport, are managed. Additionally, the students explored the tower simulator, which recreates the airport environment for training purposes, including all standard and emergency procedures. They also visited the Special Flight Office, where all necessary coordination for non-standard flight operations and airspace management takes place. The visit concluded with insights into the Aeronautical Information Management, where all aviation-relevant information worldwide is compiled, enabling flight crews to prepare adequately for their missions.