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"Besides its fundamental significance in aeronautics, Aerodynamics plays an important role in different technical disciplines."

Prof. Dr. Leonardo Manfriani, Team Leader Aerodynamics

Field of Expertise

The aerodynamics team has expertise in aerodynamic analysis, design, measurements and testing, in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), in flight test techniques and in the certification of aircraft concerning flight performance and flight characteristics.

In aerodynamics, numerous possibilities of calculating and simulating complex flow fields exist; however, experimental tests and validations are often necessary. The aerodynamics team at ZAV has competence and experience in planning, executing and analysing the results of tests in the wind tunnel, on the field and in flight. Also available is the capability to design and build wind tunnel models. The field of application is not limited to aviation: it comprises all fields in which aerodynamics plays a role, as for instance wind turbines, vehicles, or any structure subjected to wind loads.


The evaluation and optimisation of aerodynamic characteristics takes place in the context of projects with external and internal partners, often with the collaboration of students. Handbook or computer based methods can be used; for each project, the appropriate methods are selected to obtain the desired result with the smallest cost and the required accuracy. This is possible thanks to the vast experience and broad knowledge available in the team.


  • Consultancy in the areas of aerodynamic layout and development of aircraft
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of wind tunnel tests in various aerodynamic fields, including aircraft, propellers, wind turbines and vehicles
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of flight tests: measurement of flight performance, evaluation of flight qualities and certification tests 
  • Experimental and numerical characterisation of wind turbines

Laboratory Equipment

  • Wind tunnel ALFA
    With the ALFA wind tunnel it is possible to perform reliable aerodynamic measurements thanks to its modern measurement systems and excellent flow quality.

Project Examples