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Center for Public Commercial Law

The state cannot control society alone but is reliant on the cooperation of private entities.

Prof. Andreas Abegg PhD, Head of Center for Public Commercial Law

The Center for Public Commercial Law is concerned with the diverse links between the state and the commercial sector. Public administration engages with the commercial sector not only as a sovereign power. In fulfilling its obligations, it also draws on the services of private providers. Public authorities procure services in the market place, collaborate with private corporations, and can involve themselves in economic activity. Focus areas of our work are public corporate governance, outsourcing and privatization, public-private partnership, procurement law, finance law, energy law, public procedural and process law, and the laws governing spatial planning, construction, and the environment. 

Degree Programs and Continuing Education

The lecturers and research associates affiliated with the Center for Public Commercial Law lecture in the degree programs of the Department of Business Law and other degree programs of the ZHAW School of Management and Law. The modules they deliver deal with practical and theoretical aspects of issues at the intersection of the state and the private sector.
Our continuing education courses are Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) programs. They are practical and based on sound theoretical principles.

Research and Consulting

We conduct practice-oriented, interdisciplinary research projects, frequently in collaboration with partners from the commercial or the public sector. In general, research projects are financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) or another public research institution.
In addition, we offer scientifically-based consulting services for municipal authorities and other public or private bodies. Our team has a proven track record with regard to scientific research as well as practical solutions. The interdisciplinary nature of our activities (law and economics) and our close ties to reputable project partners enables us to answer complex questions efficiently and effectively.


We organize academic conferences covering all aspects of the activities of public administrations involving the world of commerce. The Winterthur Conference on Public Commercial Law addresses the points of intersection between politics and the economy from a legal perspective with particular consideration given to current issues such as Energy Strategy 2050. 


Within the context of various projects, the center releases regular publications by faculty members.