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Sustainable energy systems

„We want to shape sustainable and smart energy systems of the future. For this, we are committed in application-oriented research and teaching. Our contribution ranges from comprehensive technology assessments, on stakeholder involvement to sufficiency strategies.“

Vicente Carabias-Hütter,
Head of Research Area Sustainable Energy Systems INE

How can we design energy systems so that they fulfil a wide variety of needs in the long term?

Nachhaltige Energiesysteme INE

The Institute for Sustainable Development (INE) views technological, economic and societal changes and their complex interactions from a sustainability perspective. We conduct applied research in order to identify future demands on technologies and to determine how these technologies can be combined to create sustainable systems.
For the researchers at the INE, researching and promoting sustainable energy systems means:

  • identifying issues that are relevant for the future
  • anticipating the development and acceptance of technologies
  • developing indicators to assess sustainable energy systems
  • evaluating the social acceptability of infrastructure projects
  • analysing the potential of participative approaches
  • identifying the needs and behaviours of individuals
  • developing design principles for sustainable energy regions and innovative business models

We can work with you to further the sustainability of the regions by providing scientific support for your project and by making our experience and expertise available.



Current projects

  • Transition of regional energy Systems (TREES)
    Switzerland is facing an energy transition, entailing a shift from centralized to decentralized power generation. With the simulation platform “TREES”, decentralization dynamics and value creation within the Swiss energy system are analyzed from a regional perspective.
  • OKEE Basel
    Optimization of linking between electric vehicles and energy management systems of buildings (OKEE): Establishment and implementation of initial pilot projects in Basel. Within the concept of the "2000-Watt-Society - Pilot Region Basel", the link between electric vehicle’s batteries and the building’s energy management systems as well as the benefit by the sectoral linkage should be investigated.

Course of study and continuing education

Projects of the students

The ZHAW carries out course projects every autumn semester and Bachelor’s thesis projects every spring semester. Thanks to our position at the interface between industry and science, the INE (Institute for Sustainable Development) is able to give industry partners the opportunity to develop their ideas and realise innovative approaches by collaborating on student research Projects.

Interested? Please send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.