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Relax: Latest generation pressure steamer

The Relax project aimed at improving and developing a pressure steamer of the latest generation. The OLED touchscreen-based handling and the Zero-Watt standby are only two amongst the many innovations of the project.

The Relax project aimed at developing new solutions for an existing functional model of a pressure steamer of Kuhn Rikon AG. The project was based on a thorough weak-point analysis of the existing steamer in matters of production costs, functionality, handling, safety, norm compatibility, reliability and durability. In particular, the mechanical stability needed to be improved and the production costs, the water consumption and the standby consumption needed to be reduced.

The project led to a completely revised device with several innovative solutions, like for example the zero Watt standby, an OLED display, a new heating system, a new condensing unit and more robust hinges. Simultaneously, it was possible to reduce the production costs.

Project details

Co-financed by the CTI

Relax in the media:

Relax was presented in an articel of the KMU magazin (PDF, 1.4 MB)(PDF 1,4 MB) as a example of innovation by cooperation

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