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DynPower 2019: a complete success

On September 16th the third DynPower Workshop, organized by the two IEFE researchers Dr. Rafael Segundo and Prof. Dr. Petr Korba, took place. The focus of this year's edition was on dynamic challenges for the power grids of the future.

The international workshop, which was free of charge as usual, brought together nine speakers and over 70 guests from all over the world. The DynPower 2019 edition took place at the Casinotheater in Winterthur – made possible by the financial support of the Swiss SCCER-FURIES program and the Canadian company OPAL-RT.

The challenge of renewable energies
The aim of the workshop was to discuss the technical problems associated with the increasing penetration of renewable energies. The DynPower Workshop showed the challenges to integrate hydropower, wind and solar energy into the existing power grid and how these challenges can be approached from different perspectives. The international group of experts from business and industry also dealt with issues related to the monitoring, protection and control of future electricity grids. The whole event took place within the framework of various research activities of the research group Electric Power Systems and Smart Grids of Rafael Segundo and Petr Korba.

The future of the workshop
The spectators and speakers, among others from Norway, Switzerland, Mexico and Chile, were completely satisfied with the DynPower Workshop 2019. Dr. Rafael Segundo knows: «The spectators were impressed by the quality of the presentations.» Due to the success, it can be assumed that future workshops will deal with further challenges for the power supply. These include the digitisation and problems of Big Data. Despite the many positive feedbacks, it is still unclear whether a fourth edition will take place next year. According to Rafael Segundo, a continuation of the workshop series is planned, but not yet confirmed.