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Surgical Technologies

Surgical Technologies covers the development, design, testing and analysis of implants, surgical instruments and medical devices. In cooperation with our industrial partners and leading research clinics, we develop new implants and test procedures. Thereby, we count on most modern laboratory infrastructure (current testing machines and industrial robots) as well as functional simulators developed in-house.

The laboratory has ISO 17025 Type C accreditation for the development of test procedures for endoprostheses, implants & traumatology products.

For analysis, we have a wide range of measurement technologies as force sensors, strain gauges, acceleration sensors and digital image correlation



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Moor, B.K.; Kuster, Roman; Osterhoff, G.; Baumgartner, Daniel; Werner, C.M.L.; Zumstein, M.A.; Bouaicha, S., 2016. Inclination-dependent changes of the critical shoulder angle significantly influence superior glenohumeral joint stability. Clinical Biomechanics. 32, S. 268-273.  Verfügbar unter: