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7IN - Real Founders, Real Stories!

7 Innovators and 3 Supporters

Dive into the fascinating world of entrepreneurs and innovators, and experience firsthand how you can learn the essential foundations for starting and running a business from these pioneers. Immerse yourself in stories of triumph and failure of individual ideas and initiatives, discover surprising insights and astonishing twists in corporate history. These narratives, spiced with gripping anecdotes, reveal the breathtaking highs and lows of entrepreneurship - a journey full of inspiring insights and instructive adventures.


Who Company

March, 4

Raphael Schnyder Paton

March, 11

Duga Hoti Flux Mobility

March, 18

Marco Vencato Gebert Rüf Stiftung

March, 25

Adrian Krebs Kadoa

April, 8

Alexey Gromov InstaHeat

April, 15

Penny Schiffer

April, 22

​​​​​​​Stève Mérillat Technopark Winterthur (Location: Technoparkstrasse 2, 8406 Winterthur)

April, 29

​​​​​​​José Amado-Blanco yamo, Angel Investor

May, 5

​​​​​​​Christoph Schmidhuber ZHAW (ex. Syndex)

May, 13

​​​​​​​Sosan Nawid​​​​​​​ Advokatur Nawid