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Founded back in 1874 as the Technikum Winterthur, the School of Engineering is an academic and research institution with a long tradition. Ever since it was founded it has been closely involved in the development of Swiss engineering. Today, it forms one of eight departments of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Milestones of the School of Engineering

2010s: The curriculum is extended and the Hochschule für Technik Zürich is incorporated into the ZHAW School of Engineering

2000 and onward: The ZHAW is created and Switzerland's only Aviation academic programme is approved

1990s: Consolidation into the Zurich Technical University Winterthur and new academic programmes

1976 - 1989: First Info Day is held

1951 - 1975: Expansion and more than 1,000 students

1926 - 1950: The tradition of the «Tailcoat Parade» is born

1900 - 1925: Founding of new associated campuses

19th century: Founding of the Winterthur Technical School

  • 1886: The School of Electrical Engineering emerges from the School of Mechanical Engineering.
  • 1879: The first two buildings of today's existing Technical School are built.
  • 1875: The School of Chemistry opens with eight students.
  • 1874: Founding of the Winterthur Technical School ( of Mechanical Engineering).