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Founded back in 1874 as the Technikum Winterthur, the School of Engineering is an academic and research institution with a long tradition. Ever since it was founded it has been closely involved in the development of Swiss engineering. Today, it forms one of eight departments of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Milestones of the School of Engineering

2010s: The curriculum is extended and the Hochschule für Technik Zürich is incorporated into the ZHAW School of Engineering

  • 2015: The ZHAW School of Engineering introduces the “Work-study Bachelor’s degree programme” for school-leavers, which is a pilot project of the State Sec-retariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI.
  • 2013: With the “International Profile”, the ZHAW School of Engineering expands its programme portfolio and responds to the increasing interculturalism and inter-nationality in the engineering sector.
  • 2012: The new «Energy and Environmental Engineering» academic programme is approved by the BBT and begins in the autumn semester with more than 60 students.
  • 2012: The HSZ-T is fully integrated into the ZHAW and the professional development courses are consolidated in a separate department at the School of Engineering.

2000 and onward: The ZHAW is created and Switzerland's only Aviation academic programme is approved

  • 2009: The School of Engineering hosts its first «Night of Engineering».
  • 2007: Official opening of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW.
  • 2005: The Federal Office of Professional Education and Technology BBT approves the new Aviation academic programme, which is unique in Switzerland.
  • 2004: After many (often heated) discussions, the University Council of the ZFH decides to move the Chemistry department from Winterthur to Wädenswil.
  • 2003: The ZFH University Council decides to merge the Zurich Technical University Winterthur ZHW with the Zurich University of Applied Psychology HAP, the University of Social Work HSSAZ and the Wädenswil Technical University HSW.
  • 2001: The Departments of Engineering, Computer Science and Natural Sciences are formed.
Graduating class, Mechanical Engineering 1892
Graduating class, Mechanical Engineering 1892

1990s: Consolidation into the Zurich Technical University Winterthur and new academic programmes

  • 1998: Two new academic programmes are introduced: Data Analysis and Process Design as well as Communication and Computer Science are formed.
  • 1998: Merger of the Winterthur Technical School of Engineering (TWI), the Zurich School of Translation and Interpreting (DOZ) and the Zurich School of Higher Economics and Administration (HWV) to become the Zurich Technical University Winterthur (ZHW).
  • 1996: The Technical School begins to hold regular «Energy and Environmental» cocktail receptions in cooperation with Winterthur Public Works.
  • 1995: The school goes online with a PTT dedicated circuit.
  • 1995: Merger of the Winterthur Technical School of Engineering (TWI) and the Zurich School of Higher Economics and Administration (HWV).
  • 1992: A photovoltaic system with more than 26 square metres of solar cells and inverters is constructed on the flat roof of the laboratory building.
  • 1991: The CIM-Center (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) opens.

1976 - 1989: First Info Day is held

  • 1988: Since 1988, an Information Day has been held each year for potential future students.
  • 1979: After two delays, the library and cafeteria building is finished and ready to be occupied.
  • 1977: The «Türmlihaus» student residence is built in 1977 thanks to donations in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Technical School

1951 - 1975: Expansion and more than 1,000 students

  • 1971: The old chemistry building from the year 1877 must give way to make room for the southern expansion of the Technical School and is demolished.
  • 1968: The Technical School catches fire. Fire erupts in the lecture hall, leading to severe damage.
  • 1968: After 94 years, the School of Business is separated from the Technical School and begins to function independently as the Büelrain Cantonal School.
  • 1963: With the construction of the hall for Methods Engineering, a further Winterthur pioneering project is brought to completion.
  • 1960: The Physics building is completed and ready for occupation.
  • 1958: The Technikum Winterthur has more than 1,000 students enrolled for the first time.

1926 - 1950: The tradition of the «Tailcoat Parade» is born

  • 1950: The first «Tailcoat Parade» with tailcoat-mobiles traipses through the city.
  • 1948: A gas explosion occurs in the mechanical lab but thankfully there is no serious damage.
  • 1939: The Technical School is expanded to include an Electrical wing.

1900 - 1925: Founding of new associated campuses

  • 1924: The Winterthur Technical School’s 50th anniversary! As a tribute from the city, «Kasernenstrasse» (Casern Street) is renamed «Technikumstrasse» (Technical School Street).
  • 1914: The School of Civil Engineering is founded.
  • 1908: The eastern expansion as well as the connecting section to the main building are completed.
  • 1905: A serious accident occurs on 29 April 1905. A mislabelled steel cylinder explodes, resulting in one death and severe structural damage.
  • 1901: Albert Einstein lectures at the Technical School.
  • 1900: The Railway School is opened and administrative staff are trained to work in the railway sector.

19th century: Founding of the Winterthur Technical School

  • 1886: The School of Electrical Engineering emerges from the School of Mechanical Engineering.
  • 1879: The first two buildings of today's existing Technical School are built.
  • 1875: The School of Chemistry opens with eight students.
  • 1874: Founding of the Winterthur Technical School ( of Mechanical Engineering).