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Aerodynamic investigation of steel wire nets from Geobrugg AG in the wind tunnel

The latest wind tunnel tests at the Centre for Aviation revealed valuable insights into the aerodynamic properties of steel wire nets from Geobrugg AG.

As part of two measurement campaigns in the Centre for Aviation's own wind tunnel, steel wire nets from Geobrugg AG were analysed aorodynamically. The focus was on measuring the drag and lift force of the different nets at different angles of attack. The forces caused by the wind can reach high values during storms. The measurement results contribute to the validation of Geobrugg AG's calculation models.

"High-strength steel wire mesh and suitable services monitor and protect against natural hazards such as rockfall, landslides, debris flows, avalanches and coastal erosion. They ensure safety in mining and tunnelling as well as on motorsport tracks, in industry and in test facilities."

"The two wind tunnel campaigns ran smoothly, professionally and efficiently. We appreciate the good and transparent communication from the staff at the Centre for Aviation." Pascal Bernhard, Technical Manager R&D Safety Solutions