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Continuing education

«Life-long learning is more important today than ever before. The constantly changing wishes and requirements from demanding customres call for flexible companies and employees. With our practice-oriented continuing education courses, you will be ideally prepared to meet future challenges»

Markus Marti, Head of Continuing Education

The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a wide variety of continuing education opportunities.

You can choose whether you want to complete a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) or a Continuing Education Course (CEC)

Our continuing education programmes include the areas of Engineering & Technology, Computer Science & Data Science, Mobility & Logistics, Processes & Quality, Risk & Security, and Engineering and Management.

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Master of Advanced Studies MAS

Diploma of Advanced Studies DAS

Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS

Continuing Education Course (CEC)

International Master degrees

"European Rail Systems" International Master’s Degree for Profes-sional Development

A brief overview: 4 semesters, as a part-time course for working professionals; lan-guage of instruction is German, qualification: Master of Science, joint degree.