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Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology

The Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology in Wädenswil provides teaching at university level, applied research, continuing education courses, and services in the field of chemistry.

Our understanding of chemistry and biotechnology is that it involves the linking of discoveries in the natural sciences with technological knowledge, with the aim of applying biological systems to the analysis and manufacture of products. The focus is on applications in the areas of pharma, food and ecology.

Our focus of research, development and services in the fields of chemistry is:

  • Speciality Chemistry
  • Protein Cleaning, Bioanalysis
  • Surface and Nanotechnology

Our focus of research, development and services in the fields of biotechnology is:

  • Bioprocess Technology and Biochemical Engineering
    Plant and animal cell cultivation technologies, cultivation of microorganisms, process modelling and optimisation, systems, process and plant development, disposal and recycling technology.
  • Micro-, Molecular and Cell biology
    Identification and characterisation of micro-organisms, expression of recombinant proteins, in-vitro cultivation of animal cells, cell biological diagnosis and analysis.

Pharmaceutical Technology Galenics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, phytopharmacy, quality management, aseptic and clean room technology.

Check out our German Website for details.