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Sustainability Transformation and Food Systems Research Unit

The Sustainability Transformation and Food Systems Research Unit deals with the required social transformation for a sustainable development. The focus is on innovative economic, political and social approaches for promoting climate protection, the sustainable use of resources and resilient food systems. Regional solutions, a sustainable agricultural policy as well as holistic approaches in food systems and in the development of rural areas will contribute to this. Education and communication are central elements to achieve these changes: to stimulate the awareness of the society for environmental problems as well as their intrinsic motivation to act sustainably.

Research Groups

Agricultural and Resource Economics
Development of solutions to critical issues in agricultural and development policy; support of decision-makers from policy, industry and civil society in planning and implementing strategic decisions.

Geography of Food
Focus on local and global questions on the sustainability of agricultural and food systems; the aim is to optimise the ecological, social and economic impact of the whole value chain.

Sustainability Communication and Environmental Education
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