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Continuing education in Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence

The job market is calling for specialists with specific skills in data science, modeling and simulation. Expertise in dealing with digital tools and large volumes of data is becoming an essential skill for specialists. Update your skills for the digital future!

All-round continuing education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological revolution that will have a lasting impact on industry and society. The Institute of Computational Life Sciences (ICLS) at the ZHAW has recognized the importance of AI and offers modular and practice-oriented courses in various fields of AI for students, professionals and managers. Markets, company structures and processes are not only complex, but are also changing ever more rapidly. Specific skills in data science, modeling and simulation are essential to constantly find intelligent and sustainable solutions.

We will provide you with the necessary tools to prepare yourself for the versatile and exciting field of computational science and the attractive job opportunities that are available.

Our continuing education is...

  • Modular – A variety of courses
  • Personalized – Configurable according to your own schedule
  • Customized – Can be combined according to your individual requirements
  • On Site – Zurich and Waedenswil
  • Online – Supported with online courses
  • On the Job – Certification thesis can address a question from your own organisation

Overview Courses

CAS in Digital Life Sciences

Instead of individual continuing education courses, you can book our CAS directly. This offers a targeted composition of computational topics in the context of applications in the life sciences. The CAS is characterised by its modularity, flexibility and topicality.