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Hospitality & Service Management Expert Group

Our topics

Our Expert Group researches and works on topics in the context of hospitality and service management. The focus is on stakeholder-centric management of services, for example in healthcare organisations, gastronomic businesses and hotels. In collaboration with our research partners, we examine research questions and develop systematic approaches. With our business partners, we analyze problems, develop practicable solutions and support their implementation. Our customers and partners are businesses and institutions of any size.

Research and development

The group's applied research and development activities focus on the development or enhancement of processes and methods, and on FM-related strategic issues in a whole-business context, taking into account demographic, economic and regulatory developments, and their impact on companies and the services they provide.

Consultancy and services

The group offers its clients a comprehensive range of services; it not only evaluates operational processes within companies in the capacity of an independent expert, but also provides strategic consultancy services and works together with its clients to develop proposals for improvements and implementation-ready solutions. We collaborate closely with the IFM's other Expert Groups as well as the remaining ZHAW Institutes and other universities.


The group's teaching approach combines theory with applied practice on the basis of scientifically proven knowledge. Its courses cover theoretical and management-related findings as well as the technical and mathematical skills which the hospitality and service managers of the future will need. The following courses are offered to BSc and MSc students: Food Service Processes and Management, Value Creation (strategy development, event management, accommodation and business plans), Textile and Cleaning Management and Procurement Management. The group also passes on strategic findings from its research projects in the field of healthcare and consumer FM.